31 Mei 2010

Green Box

Today is the first day of sixth semester, two to go and I'll get my degree. There's supposed to be a mowning class but the lecture still goin on a conference in Bali then the class's been canceled so I decided to clean up my room. Since there will be a garage sale and I'm going to drop some stuffs there so I started wif the closet. Then move to the desk, and cupboard. Then I found something there. Green box that reminds me of the past.

Yes, that's my green box. I started to open the box and realized that each item there is very impressive. At the very bottom, I found the postcard. The first overseas card of mine that delivered by mail. Postcard pictured of tulips, flowers typical dutch. Furthermore, some letters with encouragement and consolation. The letters were also sent by post, complete with stamps. The others are sweater, mini lamp, little-yet-sweet teddy bear, windmill toys, photos, and several notes. I spent about two hours wif this box, and eventually I found small brown card. The last card sent by the sender. The card was written a very short message, one sentence message. The card said, Never thought it will be this hard to get over you, sorry for not replying your message.

Well it was the end. Actually it is not the end that I am expected. Whoever you are, wherever you are, just take care of yourself. You are one of the best ppl I ever met and you deserve happiness. Thank you, sorry for the differences that can not be united.

05 April 2010

Ethical Issues

I have started to study Business Ethics two weeks ago. It takes three of twenty sks of this fifth semester. In the introducing part I've learned an important part that would be a based of business. In short, Even though business is all about profit but we must consider the humanity. Without Ethics there wont be a successful business. It kind of a package, Business + Ethics = Success.

Then, in the last session we were going to understand more about this quite-interesting-course. At the end of class, I sum up that Ethics is always be Grey. Even there are a lot of theories about ethics, especially in business sector, but nothing can guarantee that all of those theories will be said the same thing. One theory may said it is ethical, but the others will say unethical. We can not determine whether it is Black or White, it always be Grey. Nothing bad about Grey as long as we can stay in the right way. The point is, as a human, we should always do good things.

I think this course is not yet quite interesting, but hmmm super interesting :)
Have a good night ppl

21 Januari 2010


Well, I miss this blog so much like I miss the old friend in a different contingent. The last post is a day before my birthday and since that there were lot of things happened in entire life, up and down like Roller Coaster. It's already 2010, year behind was a tough one. Seems like the half of the story in that year was gloomy, full of sadness, uncertainty, and tears. Really tough and hard to forget! But now, I'm going to change it all. 2010 means new hope, new spirit, and better life. Have a good day everyone.

18 Juli 2009

Good bye Eight-teen

Well it is 2.5 hours to my birthday, but I am not excited to entrance it haha. Sitting in front of my Portege, letting the television on without watching it, posting new blog, browsing the latest news, studying financial accounting for a view hours, going to fri's house, spending time with fri andre and bimo, hitting the (trafic) road.. hmmm it's quite nice haha.

Happy Birthday, Lauditta Larissa
Wish you all the (very) best things

27 Juni 2009


25 Juni 2009

Love is (not ) You

If I am talk less, it does not mean that I am agree with you. If I am motionless, it does not mean that you can treat me whatever you want.
I love you but I am not that dumb!

31 Mei 2009

salahkah, aku terlalu cinta
berharap semua kan kembali

kau buang aku, tinggalkan diriku
kau hancurkan aku seakan ku tak pernah ada
aku kan bertahan meski takkan mungkin
menerjang kisahnya, walau perih.. walau perih

dirimu tak pernah menyadari
semua yang telah kau miliki

perih, vierra