30 Desember 2008

Galau = Big Disaster

Beberapa menit yang lalu saya membaca posting dari teman gila tersayang, Achmad Munahadi, yang berjudul Obat Galauski. I found some good words in the last paragraph, and it says:

"kawan, memang boleh saja kita bersedih namun jangan sampai terpuruk di dalamnya. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita dapatkan, buka mata selebar-lebarnya, masih banyak hal yang bisa kita kerjakan daripada terus berdiam dan sedih"

Vowww wwooow! When i read his posting, suddenly i feel calm. Hadi, you are my man! I ever felt that way too.
GALAU=Big Disaster, why? Because it ruins your entire life. It destroys you, it changes your mood in a second. How bad it is!

Yesterday, i spent a day with my friends. I really excited to meet them. First of all, i went to Senayan City to meet Gerha, my best friend. I miss her, I really do. Then we spent a time at Pizza Hut. Sharing some stories, laughing, Having two glasses of lemon tea, A plate of cakes, and a bowl of cream soup. It was nice. I though i will have a really great day. An hour later five of my friends, including Menyik -one of my best girls too-, come to our place. We have a short talks then move to Fresh n' Brew, Lamandau. We hang in that place for a second, just find drinks and french fries. Then we decided to go to Grand Indonesia. Again and again, we search for foods. We went to HokBen, time showed up 21:00 pm. Some of my friends eating while the others chatting, and making some jokes. We are lauging so loud (the best thing that we can do in the world, laugh!). Everthing goes fine until i found one picture in my friend's cellphone. Maybe it is an ordinary photo for the others, but it is not me. Okay, let say that i am jealous! Suddenly that big disaster named Galau come into my head.

My mood gones bad, at that time i really want to go home. Two hours later, i decided to go home. Galau is the best word to explain my feeling. I went home by my self and bring the creature named Galau with me. When i turned on my car, Viva la Vida from Coldplay automatically playing. It was so nice to hear that song, suddenly i miss my class mate. Like Hadi, Viva la Vida such a medicine for me. Then i feel a lil bit calm. The next is Jason Mraz with Lucky and Dewi Lestari with Malaikat Juga Tahu. Those songs really help me to forget those things that make me Galau. I opened the window and made a karaoke time. Huffff it's realy fun! Those are the best medicine to solve my Galau feeling.

Everyone must find their own way to solve a big disaster named Galau. Hadi can forget his Galau by listening Angels and Airwaves, while i prefer to make a karaoke time in my car. Now, it's your turn to find your way, so that you don't have to be worry if those feeling come up. Don't let your self stuck in there. Good luck, buddy!

17 Desember 2008


Those signs means thousand words;
I need a space to be alone, i need a holiday, i need to go faar faar awaaay, i need a time to take care of my self, i need to refresh my mind, i need to think those problems, i need to make a decision, i need my beloved Altsi, I need to find a new book, i need to go to benton&times then spend a rest of the day there, i need a cup of plan SourSally with kiwi&strawberry, i need to go far far awaaay from this situation, i need my cousin -Chiefriko Hersyada, we'll meet soon boy-, i need my cozy room, i need a corndog, i need a plate of stamina roll, i need a looot of thingsssss.
There are just two steps then i can make those things happen, MBM and PA here i coommmeee.

FYI I (really) miss my family, homesick!

11 Desember 2008

Lari dan Teriakan-lah

Pagi ini hasrat saya menulis cukup besar. Bangun pagi (sebenernya siang karena saya bangun jam 9) lalu melihat sahabat saya yang jenaka tidur disebelah saya rasanya cukup menyenangkan untuk memulai hari ini. Setelah apa yang kami lakukan sehari kemarin, saya baru merasakan pentingnya menghargai diri sendiri. Kemarin kami benar-benar menghabiskan sisa hari bersama, melewatkan sore yang romantis dan malam yg indah. Jujur saja kemarin perasaan kami berdua memang sedang galau, kacau, apalah itu. Masalah yang sudah bertumpuk-tumpuk dan kesibukan jadwal kuliah membuat kami bosan.
Saling mendengarkan cerita dan tertawa memang obat paling ampuh. Setelah mendengarkan beribu-ribu cerita (berlebihan, haha) yang terlontar dari mulutnya; i just realize that a girl in front of me now, is a super-special person. Orang ini selalu ingin menyenangkan orang lain tanpa peduli dengan masalahnya sendiri. Hebat, sangat hebat! Dia selalu mementingkan kepentingan orang lain diatas kepentingan nya sendiri -Hal ini cukup berbeda dari saya yg sangat mengagung-agungkan kesenangan diri sendiri, mungkin terdengar egois tapi saya selalu berpendapat untuk membahagiakan orang lain kita harus bisa membahagiakan diri kita sendiri. Dengan begitu kita bisa ikhlas dan tulus untuk membantu orang lain-. Dia sangat handal dalam menyembunyikan perasaannya, sampai akhirnya segala itu memuncak. Maybe it's what people called turning point. A phase when you are tired with everything that happened in your life.
Saya sangat menyayangi sahabat saya ini. Rasanya sangat sedih mendengar keluh kesah yang selama ini dia pendam. Dia memendam semuanya sendiri. She always provide her ear and heart to listen other's problem, but he forgot to set aside a time for her self.
Dari pengalaman ini saya lebih mengerti lagi bahwa semua orang seharusnya memiliki waktu untuk memanjakan dirinya sendiri, lari dari rutinitas, dan melakukan hal yang sedikit 'nakal' hahaaa.

notes: sahaabaaaat jangan bersedih lagi ya, i love you.

Keep In Silence

Sitting in front of my white portege, drinking nu green tea - yg biasa emg yg paling enak-, eating twister black-vanilla, listening to the music, laughing and making a confession, WHAT A GREAT TIME IN GLOOMY AFTERNOON! I usually spend that quality time, but something different today. I share my room with my best friend. We do those things in a serenity, and keep in silence..

Eight Magic Words

This is my first blog. To be honest i am not a kind of girl that love to write. I can not write, at all! I can not make a bunch of beautiful words like other people do. I just want to spill my feeling out. For now, i am going to write my favorite quote. I read it in RectoVerso by Dewi Lestari. A simple sentence that gives a big spirit to me. After read it, i realize how beautiful life is! Everything has been planed well by God. As a human we just can wait the time when the answer of all question comes, let it flow and take it easy. And here is the quote

Just lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride