17 Desember 2008


Those signs means thousand words;
I need a space to be alone, i need a holiday, i need to go faar faar awaaay, i need a time to take care of my self, i need to refresh my mind, i need to think those problems, i need to make a decision, i need my beloved Altsi, I need to find a new book, i need to go to benton&times then spend a rest of the day there, i need a cup of plan SourSally with kiwi&strawberry, i need to go far far awaaay from this situation, i need my cousin -Chiefriko Hersyada, we'll meet soon boy-, i need my cozy room, i need a corndog, i need a plate of stamina roll, i need a looot of thingsssss.
There are just two steps then i can make those things happen, MBM and PA here i coommmeee.

FYI I (really) miss my family, homesick!

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