05 April 2010

Ethical Issues

I have started to study Business Ethics two weeks ago. It takes three of twenty sks of this fifth semester. In the introducing part I've learned an important part that would be a based of business. In short, Even though business is all about profit but we must consider the humanity. Without Ethics there wont be a successful business. It kind of a package, Business + Ethics = Success.

Then, in the last session we were going to understand more about this quite-interesting-course. At the end of class, I sum up that Ethics is always be Grey. Even there are a lot of theories about ethics, especially in business sector, but nothing can guarantee that all of those theories will be said the same thing. One theory may said it is ethical, but the others will say unethical. We can not determine whether it is Black or White, it always be Grey. Nothing bad about Grey as long as we can stay in the right way. The point is, as a human, we should always do good things.

I think this course is not yet quite interesting, but hmmm super interesting :)
Have a good night ppl

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