25 Februari 2009

Sunday and Morning

I will pronounce you that I love Sunday Morning
SUNDAY + MORNING what a great collaboration!
Basically, I really like Sunday. Sunday means a day to take a rest from those fucking things in weekdays. Sunday means family day. But since I move to Bandung and live far far away from my nuclear family, Sunday means a day to decorate my room, lay on in a bad with green bed cover, do some Dvd marathon, cook a meal for breakfast, and take a walk with folks or cousins.
Morning = Beautiful. I cant describe more because I really adore it.

February, 22 2009
I had a lovely breakfast in Parlour PVJ with one of the best people in my entire life, Mitsalina Safwah Sihite. It was sunday morning! (It more corroborate me to love sunday morning) We had a great time at that day. We had delicious soury pancakes and shared some stories. But one thing left on that day. We missed our two best girls, Gerha Jayamala and Menik Andhina Putri. Since we had a lot of task, we never hang out or sleep over again. I hope next time we can do this sweet things, for four!

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  1. nuclear family? hahahaa.. dasar ank kuliah, plajaran aja ampe kbawa ke blog. hahahaa