30 Maret 2009

Answer, please

I just have one simple question for all of you
what is the definition of mature?

I'm sure it is not just a word which consist of six words m-a-t-u-r-e. Please help me to get the answer, thanks

3 komentar:

  1. mature itu alam.
    eh, itu nature ya? haha

    menurut gw: "hidup dengan cerdas"

  2. Mature itu bukan sebuah sifat yang permanen.. karena itu cuman sifat yang memang berkembang, tapi gak selalu jadi sifat utama manusia..

    Mature is the other side of childhood, when you get to be mature, you will be mature..in a specific condition of an individual's perspective.. And childish manners will always appear in an individual when you are in need of an expression.. The REAL expression.. Without bothering rules and knowledge they have learned as long as you live.. So mature is nothing but human's other personality..



  3. Mature is adult, grown-up. Person honest, honourable with personality...

    Pessoa madura in portuguese.