21 April 2009

See You Next Time

People come and go. Each of them bring their own story. Some of them put beautiful memories, while the rest just ask you to be his shelter. Shelter means the place to hang on for a second and take a rest before go through another thousand miles.
Now the decision is on your hand, you have to decide neither you want to stand at your place nor take a walk and move on.
If it is to hard to say good bye, you better say see you next time.
Hopefully in the future he will be the right man in the right time. And one thing left; you do not have to forget him, you just should to believe that it is your destiny :)

Best Regards,

2 komentar:

  1. blogwalking,,,
    sorryyyy nimbrung..just wanna say..
    i really love this one,,,nice work!! it's pretty cool and awesome...what a great piece of mind!

  2. well thank you very much. nice to hear that you love this one, it's a pleasant :)