17 Januari 2009

A Cup of Gelato

It is 09.05 AM. There is a soft voice that urges me to go. Yes I have to go; I have to follow that voice. I take a shower immediately, change my clothes, and turn on my car. Cell phone, check! Wallet, check! Ipod, check! White Portege, check! And now I am ready to go. I drive my car without destiny, ten minutes later I have decided where to go.

…Then I walk and eat some pistachio gelato which Italians consider perfectly reasonable thing to be eating at 09.30 AM. And I frankly could not agree with them anymore.

Doing the unpredictable thing is awesome. Just follow your heart and everything can be adorable! Every single moment can make your life so juicy, more that you expected before. Please try it, I guarantee you that it will be fun!

1 komentar:

  1. bagus cha, keep up the good work, hahaha, jelajahi lah duniamu sendiri!