05 Januari 2009

Making Decision

I just finished my last work for today, packing! Honestly, packing is a work that i hate to do. I spent almost two and half hours to wrap my hand bag and baggage. I go for four days, so i just bring handbag and medium baggage. My baggage contains of two jeans, two shorts, plenty of t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, cardigan, beauty case, sunglasses, havainas slippers, and charger. I bet you are wondering why i took so long when wrapping my things, that a big question too for me. It must be an hour to wrap all of the things above, but i don't know why i took more than two hours. I was confused when choosing the colors of t-shirts, jeans, and slippers that i want to bring.

Why choosing seems difficult for me? Choosing is one of my fear, beside snake and darkness. It is hard for me to make a decision. I hate when they ask which film that we have to watch. I hate when they say 'should we go to sushi tei or sushi groove?' I hate them when they give me two or more options because i don't have a power to make a decision. Maybe i can't be a good leader, but i am not a followers. I can't make a desicion, but i can give an opinion. I prefer offer an opinion, so that they can choose which one is the best. My mom always complain with this bad habbit. She said i am super 'plin-plan'. It seems that i am lack of confidence, but i am not! I just don't have enough power. I realize that this is not good, it will bring bad impact for my entire life.

And in this year, i am going to make a change. I will try to embolden my self to make a desicion. Making desicion as an easy thing is one of my resolution in 2009. Wish me luck! By the way, if you have any tips to help me please write it down in my comment box. Thank you so much :)

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