15 Januari 2009

My Sadness

Again and again, i feel alone. I tried to give my best to you. When you are sad, I always try to be the first person that can give you a medicine. I always try to cheering you up eventhough I can't meet you personaly because of my business. Why you seems so faar away? Is it hard to reply a message? Just a message, my friend. Maybe it is not important for you, sorry if i disturb your time. Maybe I am not that special for you. To be honest, i need you and i really miss you. And you are still one of my best even you seems different to me now.

2 komentar:

  1. what the?! cha, maafin gw banget kalo lo ngerasa segitunyaaa!!!!! sumpah ada apa banget sih cha?? please tell me, gw nggak bakal tau apa yg terjadi kalo lo nggak bilang. maafin gw kmrn nggak bls sms, cha pleaseeeeeeeeee